The Best 5 WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

By | August 27, 2017

Five Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Almost all Website visitors tend to care about the load time of a website.  It is certainly an important issue of any website’s user experience.  There are several reasons which impact load time of a webpage as larger CSS or HTML files along with high resolution and larger image files.

Large Image files may slow down your Website.  To ensure your site’s loading speed, where a mili second matters, I have listed the five best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins based on total installations, reviews, and features.

1. Smush Image Compression and Optimization Plugin

Smush WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Smush Image Optimization Plugin

Smush is one of the top crowd favorite image optimization plugins for WordPress.  It comes with both free and pro versions.  It can individually optimize images in the media library or in bulk of 50 attachments at a time.  It uses advance lossless compression techniques to optimize images and can process JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files.

WP Smush scans every image that you upload or have already uploaded.  It scales images and cuts all unnecessary data before adding images to media library.

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

EWWW automatically optimize new images for upload along with images which are already uploaded.  It converts(optional) images to the best and right file format.  Beyond just the WP media library, EWWW WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin compress everything on a site, where no image gets left behind.

The Bulk scanner feature can optimize images in bulk from the media library, theme and pre-configured folders.  The EWWW Image Optimizer skips previously optimized images which are stored in the Database and the plugin does not attempt to re-optimize the images unless they are modified.

3. Imagify Image Optimizer

WordPress Image Optimizing Plugins

Imagify WordPress Image Optimizer

Imagify is another one of the best powerful and easy to use awesome Image Optimizer.  You can optimize 25MB of images every month for free and a bonus of 25MB upon new registration.  Imagify does three level of image compression they are Normal (lossless), Aggressive (tiny lossy) and Ultra (lossy).

Using the most advance image compression tool images including thumbnail and retina, images will be automatically optimized on the fly on adding images into WordPress.  The backup option can restore images to their original version or can be optimized to the next compression level.

4. Compress JPEG & PNG Images

WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Compress JPEG and PNG

This plugin also automatically optimizes all your images using popular image compression services which are TinyJPG and TinyPNG.  It also supports to resize large original images by adjusting the height and/or width including compression of animated PNG.  The Compress JPEG&PNG Image optimizer is compatible with both WP Retina 2x and WP offload S3.  To save more space and maximize compatibility it can convert CMYK to RGB color format.  Compress also allow you to select thumbnail sizes for image optimization.  On removal (Uninstall) of compress plugin, the optimized images will remain optimized.

5.  ShortPixel Image Optimizer

WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Last one in my list of best 5 WordPress Image Optimization Plugins. The ShortPixel Optimize any image or PDF document on your Website including all old images and PDFs with a single click.  ShortPixel automatically rescales/resize and compress new images on the fly, in the background.

It can optimize the most common image file such as JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP and the PDF.  It supports both Lossy and Lossless image compression.  It is specially designed for photographers and is compatible with WP Retina 2x and also support CMYK and RGB conversion.  With a single API Key, it can be used on multiple websites.  Optimize 100 credits/month for free.  In its 50/50 affiliate program, one can earn money by promoting ShortPixel Plugin.

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