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10+ Best Turkey Used Car Websites|Alexa Sorted



Turkey Automotive Facts: Automotive manufacturing plays an important role in the Turkish economy.  Turkey is the 7th largest automotive producer in Europe and the 15th largest in the world.

As per the used car market in Turkey is concerned, the trend of buying cars online is increasing day by day.  The used car market is also maturing quickly across Turkey.

Citizens of Turkey are also attracted by Japanese used cars.  It is due to affordable prices, easy importation, and quality vehicles.  Toyota is a popular Japanese model in the country.

Sl. Turkey Used Car Website Alexa
1 519
2 8931
3 19654
4 20328
5 35205
6 80193
7 91365
8 115771
9 165658
10 445120
11 554121
12 1903185

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