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Best Selected Online Home Based Jobs In UK

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  1. Online Paid Survey:  Here one has to provide information about a product or service online so that the owner company can develop and improve quality for smooth business.  It is a simple home based online job that needs no experience.   A client can analyze the data stored in a database but no personal data is displayed or disclosed without permission.  Though the online survey work is simply a waste of time and labor if the site is not legit.  Here is a list of best selected Online Survey Sites in the UK.  

I.  Swagbucks II. InboxPound III. YouGov IV. Panel Opinion V. Valued Opinions

2. Freelancer Jobs:  It is a bid based Online project task provided by an employer to an Online Service provider (Employee/Freelancer).  There are thousands of Firms, Enterprises, Agencies, and Companies around the world that searches for Online Freelancers to complete a task within a given time frame at a reasonable price.  A scam free Online Job where you only have to develop skills in a specific sector to complete an Online project.  Few popular Online Projects are Website Development, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, Mobile App, Data Entry, Excel Works, Logo Design, Photoshop Work.  List of Best Selected Freelancer Websites in the UK. 

I. TaskRabbit II. Upwork III. Peopleperhour IV. Fiverr V. VI.

Home Based Jobs in UK

3. Online Tutoring Jobs:  Depending on your educational qualification and your subject stream you will get students from Kg to College.  And the extra you need is the ability to motivate students, good communication skill, and supportive approach.  You have to apply online to start.  There are many websites that offer tutoring jobs and it is only the Websites that will provide you the students.  Here is a list of best-selected Websites offering Online Tutoring Jobs.

I. II.  III.  IV.  V. VI.

4. Website Testing Job:  This is another work from home based job.  Here you will get paid to give feedback on clients’ websites for both Mobile and Desktop Platform before a site is published.  To become a website tester you have to apply online, take a sample test and after getting approval you will get assignments via your registered email.  Here is a list of best-selected website testing job sites.

I. User Testing II.Userlytics III. TryMyUI IV. WhatUsersDo V. Enroll VI. Respondent

5. Content Writing:  A nice Online Home Based Jobs in UK for people interested in writing.  Here one should be strong in Grammar and should have the patience to do research work in the field as required.  Typically content writers create content for the Web or Net World.  The Web formatting Tools used for content writing are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.  Depending on the subject and its requirements the qualifications and degrees are demanded of a content writer.  List of Websites offering Content Writing Jobs.

I. Cracked II.Great Escape Publishing  III.What Culture  IV. Paste Magazine  V. Listverse

6. Sell Your Photos Online:  Though this job is not home-based, you are independent with no boss at all.  There are many online photo websites that buy your photos.  You may be a professional or amateur photographer you are paid for your photos.  Though photography is not an easy job, capturing a perfect shot requires skill and artistic talent.  But it is the modern technology where anyone can capture images and videos with smartphones and digital cameras.  You will get the technical support as position fixing, angle location, shadow management and so on.  Then what to wait for.  Here is a list of best selected Online Websites to sell your photos.

I. Istock II. Shutterstock III. PhotoShelter IV. Fotolia V. Alamy

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