Easy Steps For Online Ad Posting Job

By | October 16, 2016

Any One Can Do Online Ad Posting Job

Nowadays, one of the popular internet jobs is Online Ad Posting Job because it is an easy earn process which requires minimum skill, but you should be cautious and careful before starting your job. There are millions of online Ad Posting Job providers where most of them are proved as a scam for online job seekers. Thus it is the loss of money and time as a result frustration and giving up the online job search.

On just typing online Ad Posting jobs in your Search Engine lots of sites appears on your screen, some of them ask for money as registration fees and some are free. One which you can try is moneytopost.com  without any hesitation because you don’t have to pay any fees as registration. So for the beginners, it’s a suitable place for practice. Let me tell you all that the most important subject that you need now is Classified Sites, yes we are all about Classified sites, Proper and Easy Ad posting and reducing the rejection of posted Ad. Only you need is patience to follow our steps.

One Should Always Avoid in  Online Ad Posting Job

1. Posting ads in high Alexa ranked classified sites.
2. Posting ads in the wrong category and location.
3. The Same Ad posted in a same classified site within a month.
4. Posting ads in the forum.
5. Non-systematic work culture.
6. Not using automatic tools for posting ads.
7. Not having a collection of unique classified sites.

 Easy Step  By Step Guide – Online Ad Posting Job

  • Open a classified website

Practical Example Online Ad Posting job

  • Copy and Paste the Ad Matter in the Classified Websites

Ad Matter: Though the Ad Matter will be provided by the Ad Posting Job provider.  However, we are assuming an Ad Matter for practice, let us see:-

The fields or headings which are common in most of the classified sites are:

1.Location 2.Category 3.Title 4.Description 5.Contact Details

Lets us assume an Ad Matter:

1. Location: Kolkata [Is the area where you want to display the Ad]

2. Category: Service [Here one should select the correct one based on an Ad from given list]

3. Title: Boost your earning in Ad Posting Job [The content of this field is always provided by the job provider which may differ in some cases]

4.Description: A great news for those involved in Online Ad Posting Job.  We provide a systematic and arranged methods to perform error free Ad Posting Job. Earn high with less stress with all our fantastic ideas and processes.  Collect a huge list of Alexa rank sorted and unique classified sites.  The more you post the more you earn. [Here it is the details, descriptive and relevant information about an Ad]

5. Your Personal/Company Information: Information like Name/Company Name, Phone, Address, Email Id.

Easy Steps Online Ad Posting

Easy Step of Online Ad Posting

Easy Step Ad Posting

Easy Steps Ad Posting

Easy Steps Ad Posting

Online Ad Posting job steps

6. Click the “Publish this Ad” Button to Publish your Ad. As a result, you have to Open your given Mail Account to Confirm your Publish. These steps are always not same for other Classified Sites. For the above-given example, the following screen will appear before you:

Steps Online Ad Posting

7. Finally, Open your Email Inbox and Confirm email address:

8. The following screen will appear before you:

9. Collect The web link of your Posted Ad:

Example Online Ad Posting Job

Submit the Ad posting URL  link in a given format

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