Ad Posting Job Tricks with Classified Websites

By | November 6, 2016

Boost Earning in Ad Posting Job With Classified Sites Using Easy Ad Posting Tricks & Techniques

  • All Useful Ad Posting Tricks, Just follow one by one.
  • One of the very useful Ad Posting Tricks:  Open a URL opener then paste the copied sites in the given area, this will open multiple classified sites at a time.  As a result, this will save time. (simply type URL Opener in Google).
  •  Go to the first Opened Classified sites.  Complete the registration process because classified sites are in two categories, with registration, and without registration.


Demo for Registration in Ad Posting Job Tricks

Registration With Classified Sites


  • Though the registration process is not compulsory in every classified site, but we suggest for registration. As because on getting UserId and Password, you will be able to keep Track of your posted Ad link.  This process will also help to edit the posted Ad in future. 
  • During registration keep identical user ID and Password for each and every classified site as it’s easy to remember and handle. It is a useful trick for easy Ad Posting Job (Collect Excel file to keep ID and Password Record)
  • Collect Alexa ranked sorted Classified site and decrease the chances to post ads in high Alexa ranked sites.  Always avoid high Alexa ranked classified sites for ad posting because very few visitors came to visit those sites. Ad Posting in Zero Traffic Classified Site means Posting in high Alexa ranked classified sites. This will lead to the cancelling of a particular Ad Post which in turn deduct earning.  So, the need of  Alexa ranked sorted Classified Site is a compulsion in Online Ad Posting Job.
  • During Ad Posting in a classified site, carefully select the category and location as mentioned by the ads provider. Every Ad provider has a specific subject and a target.  And the Ad will be viewed by visitors based on that particular subject during a search in a classified site. An Ad may not be approved if Wrong category and a wrong location are selected.
  • Another simple Ad Posting Tricks: Don’t post more than one same Ad in a same classified site within a month. This is duplicate posting and a reason for rejection of Ad posted.



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