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Easy Earn in Ad Posting Job With Free Classified sites

Ad Posting with Classified sites

Online Ad Posting Job?

Ad Posting classified sites

Systematic Ad Posting

Ad Posting is an another easy and simple Online Job. The Job is to Post Advertisements into various free Classified sites and is perfectly an online home based job.  Here, the job providers hire people to outsource online Ad Posting for them.  The assignments provided is to be posted on different Classified Websites one by one.  The rate per Ad is a flat amount for each valid posting.  A valid posting is a posted ad which is available to view in a specific classified site.  The job performer will receive payment after the review report of all Ad posted.  

The payment varies, it is 3/- Rupees to 10/- Rupees flat per Ad posting or as the contract between a job provider and job performer.

 The more you Post, the more you Earn.

As it is a home based work, therefore, no papers work, no marketing, no need to Contact Customers and the top most is no boss. In addition, the working hour also depends on you. It may be a Part-Time Job for you.

The tendency of giving up Ad Posting Job after registration is often.  This leads to the loss of registration fees and a waste of time.  

Probably, due to the non-availability of an active Classified sites list and using Non-Systematic work process, people used to give up this job. So, for best result, you need best classified site list.

Ad Posting Job Using Best Classified Site List

On doing Online Ad Posting job, you have to collect a huge list of best Classified site list. You may collect Classified list by yourself or as provided by the Job provider. But those may be not active sites or are high Alexa ranked sites.  

As a result, Posted Ads may be rejected because of these above-mentioned issues.  

So, there is a need of Good working Free Classified Websites. So, collect a huge list of sorted, Unique and good Alexa Ranked Free Classified sites.

Finally, the given below Classified Websites are checked with Alexa rank.  It is noteworthy that our object is to boost your earning in ad posting job. So, we will provide a huge list of unique free Classifieds in addition with sorted Alexa rank.

Tricks for Smart Ad posting In Free Classified sites

  • Collect good Alexa ranked Classified websites.Ad Posting with Free Classified sites
  • Use Ad Posting automatic Tools.
  • Duplicate remover Tools to save time.
  • Classified site list with high accuracy level for Ad Posting.
  • Set Alexa Tool icon on your Browser.
  • Maintain systematic Ad Posting process as provided
  • Use Classified websites which ask for registration.
  • Sites with Registration will keep track of your Posted Advertisement.

Furthermore, we will also support you with a systematic and short process of Ad Posting. So, our tips and tricks for Ad Posting Job will consequently increase your earning. Therefore,  get in touch with us and prepare yourself for smart Ad Posting Job with best classified site list.

Top 50 Free Classified Websites With Alexa Rank  

Noteworthy, the given Alexa Rank changes as per Alexa Rating From Time to Time.


SL No Domain Global Rank
1 1372
2 1975
3 3014
4 3278
5 5673
6 22322
7 28264
8 29754
9 34277
10 41159
11 42221
12 48660
13 53963
14 54961
15 92713
16 98249
17 103339
18 123332
19 129516
20 176536
21 179049
22 179148
23 179719
24 183570
25 191547
26 197694
27 204439
28 208823
29 212750
30 218020
31 234586
32 237548
33 242572
34 246708
35 255592
36 265942
37 271867
38 273923
39 282054
40 295559
41 300852
42 318328
43 330419
44 353910
45 368386
46 445419
47 464719
48 484380
49 520000
50 575978

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